Welsh Stone - Natural Moutain Stone for property

Hidden within the beautiful mountains of Wales, there is a wealth of beautiful Welsh stone that is increasingly being utilised to add beautiful character to properties. Property Designers and Architects alike are realising the benefits of using welsh stone in building projects. The use of Welsh stone is continuously becoming more popular not just for decoration appeal but to also add value to building projects

Welsh Stone - Natural Moutain Stone for property

Welsh Stone - Natural Moutain Stone for propertyWelsh Blue Pennant is a beautiful natural sandstone that is made up of a variety of colours. Quarried from the heart of the Welsh mountains, the stones contain varying textures and shades along with various other imperfections to form a natural stone that has strong durability when used on any propety. The stone has many uses mainly being used in property building projects with various measures to achieve decorative look. Property Sesigners and Architects are using the stone for some of the following purposes including:

Decorating fireplaces in a property
Covering garden walls of a property
Making rockeries in a property garden
Building property driveways
Building new houses
Cladding Property Interiors
Use in bridges
Building gardens
…And many more landscaping aspects

The stone is being used worldwide to achieve beautiful decorative affects as well as to build solid structures that will stand the test of time. Designers are using stone to add character to structures and properties. The vast choice of colours, shades combine with various textures to produce distinctive character in any project. The affect of light and weathering add yet a further unique touch. The modern trends have seen a rise in the use of stone to combine with contemporary styles to add strong character to properties.

In addition to the great choice of stone available to be used for decorative benefits, architects are realising the long lifecycles of the product, compared to cheaper alternatives.

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Welsh Stone - Natural Moutain Stone